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Pressure? What pressure?! The tension you’re feeling right now will completely disappear if you just give yourself some time here and there to process what you’re going through. There is no reason to panic or worry. Take a deep breath and you’ll slowly feel your positivity building back up to effective levels. And once that happens, you’ll actually start to feel some enthusiasm for what you are doing right now.

Singles Lovescope

Rein in that assertiveness today. It isn’t a good time to make the first move. Give the other person control of the situation. If nothing comes to fruition, it wasn’t meant to be.

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The day’s energy might be a bit too frantic for you, so try to get your partner to cover for you when you need to take some time out. If they’re part of the problem, you’ll need to spell things out.


All of your interpretations, whether on a professional or personal level, are extreme. The last thing you need is to make any major decisions based on today’s frame of mind. It’s possible that things could go extremely well, of course, but the alternative is too risky.



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