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Whether you know it or not, your job is to get reacquainted with a friend or admirer, someone who’s been pretty blatant about getting back to you. If you bump into someone you remember from way back or is a friend of a friend, reintroduce yourself (especially if you’re single). If you’re not looking or your mate’s arms have been folded for a little too long, you should be able to extricate yourself skillfully from a conversation.

Singles Lovescope

Your caretaking urge kicks in whenever you meet someone in need of a helping hand and compassionate heart. But don’t let the need to nurture cloud your judgment when it comes to finding love.

Couple Lovescope

Put your scientific, investigative nature to work on uncovering something in your relationship that’s not easily apparent to the naked eye. What you find may deepen your connection.


Making money is one of life’s challenges, not one of life’s contests. Don’t compare yourself to others, even if it seems like human nature to do so. Keeping up with the Jones’ is passe.



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