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Today will be a lovely day, so why not get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air (weather permitting, of course)? Wide-open spaces will help open up your mind and freshen up your attitude about an issue that has been frustrating you lately. All that oxygen will give you new ideas and might even help you think up a few new adventures to go on. Take a long walk or hike, or just park at the far end of the parking lot when you run errands. Breath it all in.

Singles Lovescope

Things in your world could be running hot and cold. But whether your crush is hard to read or you can’t quite decide how you feel about a romantic scenario, don’t worry. This will pass soon.

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Keep your feelings to yourself for now. Expressing yourself might not go over well with your partner if they’re in a volatile mood. There’s a time and a place to go out on a limb, but now isn’t one of them.


Don’t be so harsh about your day. Not every day can be filled with excitement. You have to deal with the more mundane realities of your life today. Paying bills might be dull, but someone has to do it.



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