Daily Forecast Libra 12-08


Libra Daily Forecast

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The certain person in your life who’s always been so elusive is about to dramatically change their style. They’re suddenly interested in your business and eager to spend time with you. Are you suspicious of this remarkable change of attitude? Good, because you should be. This isn’t the day to make a fresh start with anyone. That doesn’t mean that you should never give them the time of day. It just means that today they could have ulterior motives.

Singles Lovescope

You’re a beautiful rose, not a wallflower! Shed your shy image by accepting more invitations. While being the life of the party isn’t your goal, you can still mingle like a pro if you learn to ask people about themselves.

Couple Lovescope

This is an ideal time to bring up a crazy suggestion to your partner. They’re likely to respond positively, and even if they don’t agree completely, they’ll be willing to work with you.


Your drive for success is making you desperate. But you need to slow down and stay grounded, because if it were now or never, you’d be plain out of luck anyway.



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