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You waste no time, mostly because you can’t afford to. You have a million things to do and everyone wants more of your attention than they already have. While it’s nice to feel this popular, you may have to put up some barriers. You’ll need to spend some time alone to concentrate on the tasks at hand. You’ll be better off if you close the door and turn off the phone while you try to get your work done. Socializing should be secondary to other responsibilities right now.

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Magic energy is emanating from you, so tune into all the sweetness. It could start with a seeming coincidence, and your generosity keeps it building.

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Snap decisions you make today could come back to haunt you. You don’t need to let the day’s energy push you forward more quickly than you’re willing to go, so wait until you’re good and ready.


You can’t get excited about facing the day, and with good reason. But being revved up is just the beginning of what you need to meet your challenges. Let yourself mope for no more than ten minutes, first thing in the morning.


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