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Your ‘just ignore them’ philosophy on how to handle busybodies might not be enough to get you through the dramas that today’s nosy people bring into your life. The bad news is that so many people will be poking their noses into your life that you won’t be able to ignore them all. But the good news is that you can take advantage of the attention they are paying you to teach them how to mind their own business. Be more aggressive about the fact that you know how to run your life just fine, thanks.

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Spend some time daydreaming about your future. Think about how you’d like to see your life and who you’d like to share it with. Visualization can be the first step in making your dreams come true.

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A joint project goes fabulously now if you’re both flexible and have fun with it. Try dividing the tasks and asking each other for help when you need it. (And take breaks to laugh!)


You value attachments you feel comfortable with and a routine that is familiar to you. Being new on the job is the last thing you want to experience. But taking on new challenges — and the profits that could blossom with them — means letting go of the tried and true. You’re too old for a security blanket anyway.


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