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Try could mean big things for you today. There is a tremendous amount of value to be gained when you at least attempt something. You can’t always be successful at everything on the first go, but you can always try again. It’s time for you to reacquaint yourself with the scrappier side of your personality, the part of you that says you’ll never give up when a challenge forces you into a corner. You will prove your tenacity to skeptical onlookers.

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The spirit of rebirth is burgeoning all around you, even in your own heart. Embrace and explore newness with an adventure that involves lots of communication. You’re great at it now.

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Plan something special for your lover, but don’t let them know what it is just yet. Give them some clues and let them guess. Keeping it a mystery and letting the anticipation build will add another level of excitement.


A brush with devastation gives you the jolt you need to find out what’s really important. It may not be financial ruin you stare down, but whatever the event, it makes you realize that money has you by the back of the neck, and you don’t like the feeling.


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