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Everything is right in front of you, waiting for you to just reach out and grab it. You’re tempted to listen to the impulsive, cocky voice inside your head and go for it, but the cautious, humble side of you is telling you to stop for a moment to review the situation more closely. What should you do? Listen to your cautious side now. Don’t get caught up in the moment. Map out your plan of action. Things will go smoothly if you plan, so be patient.

Singles Lovescope

Surprise yourself – and others – by seeing the romantic possibilities that no one else could ever have envisioned. You can find a sweet new situation by taking the most outrageous ideas and acting on them.

Couple Lovescope

Your willingness to speak from the heart and your ability to really hear what your partner is saying will definitely put the two of you on a whole new path when it comes to your relationship.


You need to do as little as possible, which leaves you with plenty of extra energy left over. If only it were profits instead enthusiasm. It’s not, but it’s still invaluable. Use it to help others.


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