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You’ve been agonizing over whether to take your current relationship one giant step further, especially since your heart is telling you that it’s time to do just that. Your mind is holding out for someone who’s a bit more available. If work is keeping you apart, be patient. That can always change. Personal constraints can change too, but they’d better do it in a hurry.

Singles Lovescope

Find areas where love is lacking and you’ll see how generosity increases your opportunities for affection. It’s not entirely obvious where you should start, but all you need to do is follow your instincts.

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It’s a quiet day, but you shouldn’t confuse it with boredom. You’re still just as engaged with your partner as ever, but for the time being there’s a shortage of enthusiasm. It will return soon.


Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Brush yourself off and start planning for the future. And that doesn’t mean doing any scheming, no matter how desperate you may feel at the moment.


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