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You’re a born authority figure in the sense that you trust your own judgment over anyone else’s. That’s usually a good plan, because your instincts are ordinarily right on target, but it might not work out the way you’d like it to at the moment. You need to confide in someone else (and trust their judgment) if you want your plans to succeed. Choose the one person you know can find a happy medium between the rules and their own instincts.

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Reminiscing about the one that got away? That’s understandable, but make sure that your nostalgia doesn’t turn self-indulgent. Could you be doing something that’s more productive with your time?

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Hurt feelings keep you from your daily tasks. Instead of burying them further, explain to your partner why you’re upset. And do it now. The sooner the better.


If success weren’t so elusive then what would keep you moving forward? Wanting more is what spurs on your own evolution. Without that nagging need to move on you would stop growing. Contentment isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, at least not until you retire.


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