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Prepare yourself for an indecisive phase. A lesser mortal would let such confusion shake their confidence, but you should see it as an opportunity to appreciate how difficult everyday choices can be. Instead of fighting your tendency to look at all aspects of a problem, just go with it. Enjoy how different things can look from different perspectives, and indulge in the luxury of being able to process many options before committing to one single solution.

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Before you can enjoy sharing your time with someone else, you need to take care of your own essentials. Catch up on correspondence or clean your kitchen. Do whatever it takes to get your life in order.

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You’ll have a smile on your face for most of the day, no matter what happens. It’s a good time to just settle down and have fun with your partner. The serious stuff can wait for another day.


Preparing for a big day feels like swimming through murky waters. You won’t feel like you’re groping your way through the unknown for long, though. Tried and true methods, like making lists and preparing what you can ahead of time make both emotional and financial sense.


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