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Try to stop thinking so much with your heart! Sure, it’s an important muscle, but with regard to the matters you’ll be dealing with today, you need to take an analytical perspective and not an emotional one. Think things through logically and get your distance from situations or people who could upset you and distract you from thinking clearly. Once you shift your way of thinking, you’ll suddenly see how much easier it is to make the decisions you need to make.

Singles Lovescope

Make sure that you follow up this morning, whether you’re returning a call, sending off the latest in a string of flirty e-mails, or just updating your online profile. Later, you’ve got other business.

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Try to make sure you and your partner have all the little details of your life taken care of. If you do, you’ll be able to apply some or all of the good energy starting to flow to the big picture.


It’s the wrong time to be conservative with your spending. You can afford to lighten up, but only a bit. Stretching two dollars instead of one is about as far as you should allow yourself to go with your spending sprees.


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