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Unexpected news is on the way, the kind that anyone would be just tickled to receive. Whether it was intended for your ears or not doesn’t quite matter at this point. You now officially know the scoop. What are you going to do about it? Well, for starters, you can’t say a word. You know that. But you might want to think about how this will change things, especially when it comes to earning your daily bread.

Singles Lovescope

Spirited debate never hurt anyone — in fact, right now it’s the best way to show off your amazing wit and passion. Go right ahead and challenge your date’s views. You should both enjoy what comes next.

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Make sure you’re not behind on your chores or your promises to your partner, because a reckoning might be coming today. Take care of at least one big task on the list and you’ll be fine.


You have the evening free to spend time with your beloved. It doesn’t have to be on the cheap, either. Spare no expense as you prepare a meal more like poetry than culinary arts.


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