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Just because your life feels like a roller coaster right now doesn’t mean that you’re being taken for a ride. Trust the people who are in power right now. They know more about the facts of the situation than you do. It’s wise to question authority, but it can be a mistake to doubt it just for the sake of doubting it. Let go of worry and have faith in what’s going on. After a few more days of this uncomfortable feeling, check in again on what the game plan is.

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You should just throw caution to the wind. Your outrageousness today will totally pay off. Be extravagant. But don’t make yourself inaccessible. You want people to be able to approach you.

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Invite friends over to dinner with you and your honey. Make it a festive occasion with a funny theme to get everyone in the mood for some fun. Think of games where everyone’s talents can be showcased.


Walk, don’t run, to the nearest sales event near you. You could be in for a great bargain, but only if you don’t let yourself feel rushed. The moment you think you might miss out if you don’t act fast is the moment both you and your wallet are doomed. Be true to your slow nature.


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