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If you sense that something isn’t quite right with one or two people today, you’re probably right. Something’s going on that you need to know about. To find out, watch for plotters and people whispering in corners. March right up to them and find out what they’re talking about. It’s good to be curious today and even better to be bold enough to satisfy your curiosity! Getting to the bottom of all of the day’s shenanigans will be incredibly satisfying, so do it.

Singles Lovescope

Crushes come and go, but family is forever. Spend extra time with those closest to your heart, from your chosen family to those you grew up with. It’s a great way to get the right kind of energy flowing your way.

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When it comes to your relationship, you need to examine each individual tree as well as check out the overall lay of the forest. It’s easy to miss a detail or the overall point now, but you’ll be paying attention.


You worked hard, and it looks like you may be in the same financial boat as those who did nothing at all. But that’s just how things appear at the moment. Your sweat equity is down the line.



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