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Take things slowly today and give yourself time to be able to focus on saying the right things to the right people, especially if you’re in a delicate negotiation with someone. You should watch yourself but be confident, too. Don’t be afraid to push for what you want. Adding a dash of humor to the situation will help you gain some ground and keep the tone light and pleasant. You don’t have to be super serious to get some serious stuff done.

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The stars prescribe lots of tender, loving care and long, slow luxury for your body and soul. Learning to take care of yourself is the greatest gift of all. You’ll be more than ready for love when it arrives.

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Knowing when to push each other is important, but it’s equally as important to know when to back off. If you’re not sure just what kind of moment this is, do something extremely obvious (and helpful): Ask!


Don’t worry so much that you’re not making money yet. You have to start somewhere. Generating ideas is your first step, so treat it as if it’s the foundation of your future.


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