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You’ve been going full steam ahead for way too long, so it’s probably no surprise to you that you’re feeling extra tired. But the good news is you can take a break very soon, if not today. Whatever you had planned should either be cut back, rescheduled, or canceled altogether. You’re not going to be able to completely relax until you have no commitments or appointments weighing on your mind. You have to get bored before you can get reenergized.

Singles Lovescope

Reconnect with your creative side today and use it to your advantage when it comes to love. Take some new photos and reshape your online profile. Devise sweet, funny messages and work that imagination!

Couple Lovescope

You’re fiercely loyal and hardworking, which means that often you go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to your relationship. Hopefully, your partner appreciates all your efforts!


Making money is a marriage of common sense and passion. You’re missing a one of the pair. To find out which may take a counselor of sorts, so ask for an outsider’s assessment.


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