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Don’t say no today, especially if an especially charming person (you know the one) is making the request. This doesn’t mean you should unthinkingly assent to all over-the-top adventures, but if they propose some wild and crazy fun that goes beyond your usual comfort zone (a little), there’s no harm, right? If you’re up for anything, you are sure to be surprised by how much you enjoy yourself.

Singles Lovescope

Dinner-and-a-movie is getting old. For new ideas, don’t ask your friends, ask your coworkers! You’ll be surprised by the great ideas they have to offer, and they’ll be flattered you asked.

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That extra sensitivity of yours is a real asset when it comes to your relationship now. You can look into what’s going on between the two of you with an insight and instinct that others only wish for.


The only way to be sure you won’t spend wildly is to ask someone else to control your purse strings for the day. Either that or stay inside with the blinds closed. You are simply out of control otherwise.


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