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Fortunately for all parties even remotely concerned with making your day memorable, there won’t be much work to do on that front, not as far as they’re concerned anyway. Regardless of how hard they try to keep it the same or make it different, your world won’t be the same when you close your eyes tonight as it was at the moment you opened them this morning. That said, do what your sign does best: make the very best of it.

Singles Lovescope

Is your crush running hot and cold with you? A mutual friend might be able to offer some insight into their conflicting signals. Just be aware that news of your questioning could get back to your crush, which might not be so bad at all! Maybe hearing about your interest will spark theirs.

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If you feel like you’re dragging your feet because there’s a big weight on your shoulders, talk to your partner about it. They’ve never let you down.


Looking inward for daily inspiration is always a good idea, but that’s where you’ll find plenty to mine regarding your long term strategies, too. Come up with a new plan for your financial future.


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