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You’ll want to play it safe today. There’s a lot of confusion in the air right now, and your communication could be what’s causing it. People could take what you say the wrong way. So make an extra effort to be sure all your comments are not only understandable but also understood. If you agree on something over the phone, back it up with an email that puts it all down in writing. This isn’t the time to try to manipulate or fool anyone. It will backfire, like it usually does.

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Your modesty kicks in when you meet new people — and you may have trouble talking yourself up. You’re pretty amazing, and the world needs to know it! Make a list of your best qualities, and commit them to memory. When you meet someone, you can much more easily talk up your accomplishments.

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Communication could be a little more difficult today. See if you can put off any major discussions until later. You won’t be able to read your partner quite as easily as you usually can.


You’ve been so good lately! Last minute impulse buys could sink your budgetary ship. Have some self control, even if those around you don’t.


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