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Sure, you can follow every single impulse you have to explore new interests, people, and career prospects, but will that make you happy? Sometimes following the rules is the best way to get by. Behave yourself today and keep your nose clean! Don’t give anyone any reason to be cross with you, because someone may be eager to make an example out of you. Being more thorough with what you are working on is good practice for the big responsibilities that are coming your way.

Singles Lovescope

Your phone demeanor is better than ever, so forget email and text messaging for a while! It’s time to actually call that crush or new love interest and get to know each other over a long, sparkling chat.

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Your partner is always attractive to you, but today you won’t be able to keep your eyes off them. Let them know that whatever they’re doing to keep doing it. You wholeheartedly approve!


Your financial group is in desperate need of a good leader, but you’re not sure who it should be. In fact, you’re not even sure who your group is. Take a good look around the room if you want the quick answer.


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