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Today, you might have to watch yourself when you’re exposed to your greatest temptation. If it’s cookies or cake, you should preemptively fill up on vegetables so you won’t give in to the sweet stuff. If it’s that certain someone who always gets your heart beating faster, you should just get out of there as quickly as you can! You know what’s bad for you, and you know you need to stay away from it right now. So do whatever you have to do get out of the danger zone.

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Don’t let disappointing surprises deter you. You’ve earned this opportunity, so you need to see it through. Incorporate some of this new business into your currently existing plans and hopes.

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Someone may appear foolish on the surface, but they have a few surprising words of wisdom for you and your partner. Make sure you listen carefully and keep an open mind. The venue will be unusual.


You’re more like a scurvy pirate today than the captain of a ship. You are ready to storm aboard on any vessel that strikes your fancy. No one is receptive to your requests to board, though, so you’ll have to stay in your dingy, attitude or no attitude.


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