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For special insight on your latest quandary, turn to your co-workers or classmates today. You need to consult someone who either is in the same situation you’re in or has been there before. You need the sort of advice that comes from firsthand experience. You should get a few different opinions and hear things from several different perspectives. You can make the right decision, but you need input first.

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You’re not ready to venture out of your romantic comfort zone. Stick to the basics and respond to profiles that reflect your interests. You’ll know when it’s time to take a walk on the wild side. For now, find comfort in the fundamentals.

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It’s hard to separate your feelings from your partner’s current circumstances. Just remember that the situation, and your loved one’s feelings, aren’t really about you. Be clear about who you are.


You’re thinking for yourself. You may not be the pioneering type normally, but circumstances warrant it today. Being one of the sheep may feel safe and cozy but that’s not high on your list of priorities right now.


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