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The energy of the people around you could affect you strongly today. Their sorrow, cheerfulness, anger, fear, or jealousy will all rub off on you. At first, it will feel exciting to be able to sense what’s going on so astutely. But as the day wears on, this type of awareness could start to get tiring. By evening, you’ll probably want to step out of the public arena and go off somewhere by yourself. It will help you regain the balance between you and the world.

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A self-destructive streak could seep into your life, and things might seem unmanageable. You need to dig up the emotional truth behind this strife before you do serious damage. Go ahead and face reality. It’s not as scary as you think.

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Don’t ignore your partner, but take time out today to treat yourself to something nice. You definitely deserve it, and you can do yourself a lot of good with little effort.


Your stars are crossed, no matter who you try to deal with. Necessary connections just can’t be established today. Any energy focused on getting things checked off your to-do list will be energy wasted, so go easy on yourself.


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