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Secrets are spilling out all over the place, including yours! This could be bad karma coming back to haunt you and your loose lips. It may feel like keeping juicy information to yourself is a crime, but you should try to button your lip a lot tighter. When you hear some scandalous information, you should forget you heard a word. This secret is an especially saucy one, so it will really test you. But if you keep yourself calm, you can pass with flying colors.

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Perhaps you’re getting a little ahead of yourself. Sure, it’s good to think long term in the realm of romance, but you’ve also got to stay in the moment and let things get started.

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Part of being in a relationship is knowing when (and what) to let go. A little judicious editing or a case of selective memory might help both of you in the long run. Forgiveness eases everything.


Others appear as people they are not. In fact, it happens every day. That’s one byproduct of not discussing money. You’ll see their cards and behind their masks today.


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