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The active nature of the day will serve as a wonderful distraction from whatever or whoever has been bugging you lately, so dive into the chaos and relish that fact that when your brain is busy solving problems, it can’t be dwelling on things you have no control over. Work is the greatest escape for you and your friends, so let them get lost in their jobs too. Don’t hound them for one-on-one time right now. They might not have time for you.

Singles Lovescope

There are many different ways to be in love. Some people love a cause. Others love their jobs. One thing’s for sure: The more you love, the easier it is. Expand your definitions and your ways of loving.

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Being flamboyant can be fun and dandy, but in a relationship, just remember it might not always be appropriate. Remember your partner and tone it down a little.


You need to keep advancing on a project, with or without the money to do so. Imagine yourself an artist or writer, holed up under the eaves in your atelier. That should inspire you to get creative.


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