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When was the last time you worked on polishing up your vision for your future? If you haven’t given any thought to your five-year plan lately, today is a great day to do it. You’ve got the clarity, you’ve got the time, and most importantly, you’ve got a few ideas! It’s more important than ever for you to understand what you want for yourself, because whether you realize it or not, you’re at a crossroads. Take a moment to figure out which way you really want to go.

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No sense in bucking the system today. If your pals want to party, just do it. You won’t meet anyone sitting at home. All kinds of interesting people are out today, and you’re liable to connect with a few.

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Tired of making all the big decisions in the relationship? Now is the perfect time to encourage authority in your mate. Politely request that they make more effort to choose a path.


You have to use your noggin today. Thinking on your feet is your best way to stay on them. You could get knocked down if you give yourself too much time to mull a situation over. Make a decision as quickly as you can.



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