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Not everyone is as good a friend as you. The art of friendship is hard for some people to master, so be patient with others who don’t always know how to act. If someone flakes out on you, forgets an important date, or puts their needs ahead of yours, cut them some slack. You should still take the opportunity to set them straight and educate them about how to be a better relationship partner, but you also need to give them time to learn.

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You’re usually up for anything, but a change of plans could make you testy now. In fact, socializing could have limited appeal. Don’t fret. Everyone needs a little space now and then.

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Take time to enjoy the small stuff. It’s the tiny details that add up to the big picture of your relationship, and you and your partner are going to exchange little gestures that mean a lot.


It doesn’t take deep pockets to make a big splash. If you are really desperate, you could always go for the Big Fish In A Little Pond look. Otherwise, any impression you try to make will only backfire on you.



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