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You should share your unique, open-minded perspective with someone close to you who is struggling right now. They need your help even though they might not realize it. You see their dilemma in a way that they should know about. It will be uplifting for them and give them some hope. You can help them see what is possible, not what is problematic. Make some time today to take a walk with them, cook them a comforting meal, or just ask them how they’re feeling.

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Finding out information at the wrong time can tilt a burgeoning relationship off balance permanently. What can you do? If it wasn’t meant to work out, nothing can make this situation go right.

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Relationships involve give and take, of course, but sometimes the boldest (not to mention most romantic) move of all is to just give in. Think about the outcome if you just did it their way. Would it be so terrible?


Flying off the handle is too easy. Keep as tight a grip on your emotions as you do on your wallet. The best way to do that is to keep your head cool. Remind yourself that money isn’t everything, again and again if that’s what it takes to stay intellectual.



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