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Exciting travel is in your near future, although it might not be the same journey you had planned. Let go of your organizational nature and try to let this new adventure unfold naturally. Give control over to fate. Things may not be too clear for quite a while, but you don’t have to try to make them clear. Simply live with the uncertainty. In some circles, “uncertain” is just another word for “spontaneous.” Incorporate more chance and fate into how you live your life.

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Keep your eyes open for new opportunities. Even if you feel you’ve reached the top of your game, there’s plenty of room to grow. Better yet, don’t pass up even the most bizarre idea. Sure, it sounds off the wall, but when it all comes together – wow!

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Don’t let one bad day with your partner get you down. Keep your eye on the whole picture. If you’re happy overall, a minor argument is nothing to worry about. Learn what you can from it and move on.


Once you set your sights on something, nothing can get in your way. When your goal becomes crystal clear, even your reputation is worth sacrificing. Be ruthless.



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