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Obeying authority can be difficult for anyone from time to time, but today you could discover that being on the other side of the power structure can be just as challenging! You might be placed into a leadership role that is flattering, but it may also be somewhat challenging. If you feel at any point that you’re in over your head, turn to that trusted co-worker or friend you always count on for the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They’ll keep you grounded.

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Bring it home today in meditation, or at least a little quiet time. Your life’s become so convoluted you’re not sure what you want anymore. So, clear your brain and limit the distractions. Turn off all your gadgets (including the computer) and listen to intuition.

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Plan a date to see a documentary or art exhibit with your partner, then discuss it over dinner. Talking about intellectual things stimulates your brain, and that could lead to other kinds of stimulation.


When you were flush, you allowed your spending to get a bit informal and free. Now it’s time to keep track of what you’re doing. You’ll be surprised by the patterns you find once you start to look.



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