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If you’re feeling overwhelmed now, you need to let some things go. These things could be hopes, work projects, relationships, or even goals. The fact is that you are only one person. You can only do so much. You shouldn’t beat yourself up if things don’t go according to your master plan or you feel like it’s your fault things aren’t happening the way you think they should. Admitting you are powerless isn’t always fun, but right now it might be necessary.

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Home is where the heart is this morning, so spend some time just rustling around your nest. By late this afternoon, you should be ready for a serious flight of fancy, so find something totally crazy to take up your evening.

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It’s a great time to think about long-term plans. You can make some lasting changes when it comes to this relationship. While everything’s been working well overall, there is some fine-tuning you’d like to do.


You are in such a mood lately, you’re ready to party. But imagine making some profits — or losing some — if that’s what it takes to keep you focused on the bottom line at least one more day.



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