Daily Forecast Sagittarius 05-17


Sagittarius Daily Forecast

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This is a good day to think through complex ideas and put together some new plans for the future. Your brain is very shrewd, and you’ll be able to sort through all kinds of muddled ideas to find the right loose ends to tie together. If you’re named the leader of a group, you can excel in the position. In addition to being mentally agile right now, you’re exceptionally charming. People are going to follow you no matter what decisions you make.

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Others might drive you crazy today, so take a break from group activities and spend some quality time on your own. No one will fault you for avoiding an emotional meltdown. You’ll rejoin the fold when you’re ready.

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Your partner is trying to sell you on an idea, but you’re unsure. Let them persuade you. If they feel strongly about something, there’s probably a good reason. After all, they feel strongly about you!


Remember how much creativity you brought to all you activities when you were a child? You need that approach now. The regular ways of getting out from under just won’t work. Try being playful.



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