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You’re feeling somewhat vulnerable, and you might want to protect yourself from things or people you perceive as dangerous. This is an important instinct, but you need to remember not to shut things down completely. There are plenty of people out there who care about you, and cutting yourself off from them shouldn’t be part of the plan. In fact, someone out there is almost certainly working overtime on your behalf.

Singles Lovescope

A potential sweetheart is making a fuss over you. You, modest and humble person that you are, feel like you should repay them somehow. Don’t! They’re giving this affection freely. Accept it graciously.

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This relationship is changing. Part of you loves it. The other part is scared. It’s time to let go of the past. It’s helpful if you stop idealizing the past and realize that the nature of living is change. Accept it.


It’s hard to look at pushing things to the back burner as an act of daring, but you’ve managed to convince yourself that it’s something other than procrastination or cowardice. The heat is being turned up no matter where you go. In fact, it’s downright scorching. Too bad you can’t leave the kitchen.



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