Daily Forecast Sagittarius 05-21


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Your life is made up of many intricate details that are starting to add up to something unique today. But you’ll only be able to get a sense of what the future holds if you step back and give yourself space from the people who are demanding so much of your time. They’re distracting you from putting yourself first, so you need isolation in order to gain clarity right now. Things will fall into place and the overall picture will be beautiful and innovative when the time is right.

Singles Lovescope

Problems with coworkers leave you drained and grumpy by the time you get home. Turn around your bad mood with the help of friends who are more than happy to get you out of your funk.

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You’ve got old-fashioned romancing on your mind today. Love letters and slow dancing, roses and chocolates — sure, it may seem corny, but those things are classics for a reason. Your baby will appreciate your retro style.


Take a good look in the rear view mirror at the crowd chasing the caboose. If you used people to your own advantage, you might feel a tad uncomfortable now that the train is slowing down. It’s not too late to make amends.



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