Daily Forecast Sagittarius 05-22


Sagittarius Daily Forecast

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This is a good day for you to work on your self-esteem and communication skills. The day isn’t going to be too hectic, so you should have all the time you need to get introspective and check in with yourself. Be brutally honest. Step out of the fantasy life you’ve been living lately and give yourself a fresh reality check. Some facts about your life won’t exactly make you deliriously happy, but acknowledging them is all that matters right now.

Singles Lovescope

When life gives you lemons do you make lemonade — or do you invest in lemon futures? Be as resourceful as possible in everything you do today, and someone you’ve been dreaming about might notice your brainy qualities.

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You’d like nothing more than to just lie around and talk with your partner. It’s a good time for the two of you to lay the groundwork for something deeper and more meaningful.


You’re beyond ready for something new. Do some exploring now so you can have an interesting day. The more you research beforehand, the less money you’ll throw at keeping yourself amused. It’s never too early to initiate the process.



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