Daily Forecast Sagittarius 05-22


Sagittarius Daily Forecast

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You’re feeling sharp and ready to handle all your commitments with effervescent zeal today! A lesser being would find all the details too overwhelming, but not you. You feed off the pressure and use your resulting adrenaline to speed through the day like a whirling dervish. To you, organizing the chaos around you isn’t a chore; it’s a puzzle to be solved. Tackling it all will bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Singles Lovescope

The blues come a-knockin’, and if you’re smart, you’ll let them in. For a moment. Examine your feelings and locate their source, then let your heart let go. Onward and upward!

Couple Lovescope

The heat between you and your lover continues to burn strong. The next few days will be extra hot as the two of you explore new possibilities and improvise on some of your old favorite moves.


Be lazy. The day is all about your mind, not your body. Don’t do anything active. If you need to toss something back and forth, let it be financial ideas. And give in as soon as that becomes too much of an effort.



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