Daily Forecast Sagittarius 05-24


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Your e-mail correspondence has been getting very interesting lately. Could there be a new career or business opportunity on the horizon? Keep up the chitchat and fire back some e-mails to some people who have connections in the places you want to be. Start thinking more specifically about your future plans, too. Sure, you want all the perks, but what should your responsibilities be? Picture your success and you’ll get one step closer to it.

Singles Lovescope

If you’ve had something on the tip of your tongue, don’t be surprised if it suddenly rolls off with more eloquence, grace, and humor than you’d have thought possible. You charmer, you!

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Timing is everything, especially if you have a sensitive topic to bring up with your partner. Then again, if it’s that sensitive, no time is ever going to be perfect. Find a balance between those two ideas and just do it.


Your feelings mean more to you than money. When something doesn’t feel right, the profit you could make is irrelevant. Don’t be swayed by someone who looks at life in purely cerebral terms.



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