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In romantic situations right now, it is best to take things slowly. Easy does it! You might want to rush down the aisle — or at least rush ahead to take things to a more serious level — but you really can’t. Now is not the time to focus on the future. Now is the time to just enjoy where the two of you are in terms of your relationship. It is what it is, not what you want it to become, that’s important — at least for now. Today, remember that things worth having are worth waiting for!

Singles Lovescope

You get the reality of it all. It’s over — you know that. The problem is in the acceptance. Today you’re struggling with it. Whether you’re recovering from a one-date dump or the end of a 50-year marriage, wounds take time to heal. Talk to someone if the emotions become too hairy.

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Your creativity can get you out of a tight spot — or into one. The thing is, where you end up after that will probably be most delightful. So give yourself room to experiment and bring your sweetie along for the ride.


Your confidence in your finances might seem unfounded, but it’s too intense to ignore. Trust your gut on this one, and others will be drawn to your financial plans like magnets.



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