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Anyone with any common sense knows that when it comes to business matters, you’re the wrong one to mess with, but you may run across someone right now who’s not too observant or doesn’t value their hide at all! Fortunately, your shrewdness steps in and saves the day for everyone, especially when it turns out the deal on the table is the worst thing for all parties involved. Just go easy on the poor soul who thought they could fool you.

Singles Lovescope

You know exactly what you want — but don’t let that blind you to what others want. Suggest a restaurant you want to try, but at least let your date (or friends) pick the movie or club you hit up next.

Couple Lovescope

Overcommitted? Perhaps! You’re feeling torn, and you’re not sure whether you should move forward quickly or take your time. If it involves your partner, make sure you keep their best interests in mind.


Plenty of people are pinning their hopes and wishes on what you have to give them tomorrow. That means putting a bit of thought into it today. Money shouldn’t be an issue. You can still please on a low budget.



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