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Take another look at your health and diet today. Things have changed more than you realize, and it will be time for either a celebration or a complete overhaul. If you have slipped a bit, then you need to face facts and trim the fat, literally! Investigate new ideas on how to eat more healthfully and exercise more. But if the change has been a healthy one, then let yourself take one day off and celebrate. You’ve got the fundamentals and you’re on your way!

Singles Lovescope

Apply the kind of judgment and risk assessment you’d use at work to evaluate the pros and cons of a new romance. Hey, what have you really got to lose, especially if you can keep it friendly?

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You’re honest, especially about your feelings. Playing games is anathema to you. Just remember that your partner might feel overwhelmed if you hit them with all of that at once. Be judicious about what you reveal.


It’s time to take some action. Nothing radical is called for, but doing nothing at all is out of the question. Start coming up with simple solutions and go from there. Take it one step — and one bill — at a time.



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