Daily Forecast Sagittarius 12-03


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Ready for a conversation? A real conversation? Good, because each and every person you exchange more than just a few words with could expect nothing less from you. No casual, lighthearted banter will do, not for the moment. The good news is that you’ll probably be amazed by how many people are on the same team as you. Don’t be shy about revealing your position on any of the big issues.

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Your life is busy now, maybe overwhelmingly so! Set a firm schedule and stick to it. Don’t skip any time you set aside just for you, though, because you need to relax before the day ends.

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Spontaneity can be a good thing, and sometimes it can drive you both nuts. Setting up a regular routine will add order to your frantic lifestyles.


Being short of money feels like a limitation but it’s actually the opposite. You’ll learn just what you’re worth, and it has nothing to do with cash. Get ready to discover your hidden strengths.



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