Daily Forecast Sagittarius 12-07


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The time for exploring new ideas has passed. It will come around again soon enough, but today you have to curb your wanderlust and stick close to home. Instead of seeking out new faces and new places, you have to learn to appreciate the known and familiar. Today offers you a wonderful opportunity to communicate your ideas to the people who really understand you. They can give you beneficial constructive criticism and help you build something that will last.

Singles Lovescope

Creativity is the key to finding your next love. Try a still-life class or dance lessons to explore your artistic side while meeting awesome new people.

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Make sure to touch base at least once during the day, because that will be when your energy is at its peak. By tonight, you might be a little too tired to really connect with your partner.


Don’t get sucked into someone’s conflict. Listen to all sides before acting. Choosing the wrong person to back could cost you much more than money, so don’t take anyone’s word for it, either. Investigate.



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