Daily Forecast Sagittarius 12-09


Sagittarius Daily Forecast

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Your aesthetic senses are heightened right now, and you will see ways to improve the space around you everywhere you look. Every drab room you see will spark your creativity and get your imagination working. There could be some redecorating projects in your future. Take another look at your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen and make some plans. Start sketching out your ideas. Look at a few websites for additional inspiration. Beautiful changes are coming.

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If your home is stacked with stuff, you’ll feel much better once you tackle the clutter. Get past it all and you should have better energy to devote to other pursuits.

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It’s time to revisit some issues you and your partner have put on the back burner. Balance your mental fortitude with an open and loving heart to face these unresolved areas of your relationship now.


There is danger lurking nearby, but you’re fine as long as you don’t stray too far from your usual routine. When the urge to spend big starts exerting its unmistakable magnetic force on you, scurry home and hide.



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