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You’re one of the few folks who truly considers their co-workers to be like an extended family. Now that you need career advice, it’s only natural for you to turn to an elder from that family to ask for help. The best part of it all is that if you weren’t already sure they felt that same kind of attachment toward you, you find out quite soon.

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Seek out colorful ideas and people to spice up your social life. The search for love is reinvigorated when you embrace the new and different.

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It’s a great time for you to reflect on what you’ve achieved, especially in your love life. You might surprise yourself with how much progress you’ve made toward a goal you didn’t realize you had.


No one deserves sneaky fees and fines. You’ll be the first one to beat them out of the bushes with a stick and watch them slither out of sight. Well, at least the first in your social circle. You just don’t take no for an answer and you’re willing to spend the entire day on the phone if that’s what it takes to convert the heathens on the other end to your way of thinking.



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