Daily Forecast Sagittarius 12-15


Sagittarius Daily Forecast

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Your recent time crunch is finally starting to loosen up, and your calendar actually has some empty spots in it! Fill them up with a bunch of fun stuff before boring responsibilities come tumbling down on you. It’s time to ask all your friends what’s next on the good-time agenda. Get creative in these unusual times.

Singles Lovescope

Take a look at new online romantic possibilities today. Something new is definitely afoot for you. Still, take great care composing your messages, and don’t forget to reread before sending!

Couple Lovescope

Give your partner the thumbs-up sign. You might be shocked by how much they rely on your opinion! This will give you a whole new perspective on your relationship as you move toward the future together.


One of your less desirable emotions could be your driving force. Are you giving yourself unrealistic goals on purpose? That’s the fifty thousand dollar question today. Give yourself plenty of time to answer it.



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