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You’ve got a fierce urge to take a little walk on the wild side. Right now, though, it’s best to acknowledge the urge but come back to it later. Instead, concentrate on putting in some big-time effort so you can see some big-time rewards. While it might be momentarily frustrating to sublimate your need for freedom, you’ll be glad you did later when you see the results.

Singles Lovescope

Fun and romance are in the stars, but so is responsibility. Commit to getting the dull stuff done — or at least some of it — so that you can move on to the more amusing, hotter aspects of life.

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Okay, hold on a minute. Is that goal you’ve got for the two of you realistic? How about the timeline you’ve got for it? And, most important, is your partner actually informed and in on the plan?


Your finances are going down, and yet you are feeling good. How can one relate to another? Some people live for a challenge, and you can count yourself as one of the lucky among them.


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