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There is a lot of genuine goodwill coming your way today, and it’s going to give you the perfect happy little boost to start some new projects. You’ve got the spark and the attitude to get into planning a party, putting together a group outing, or just getting back to a hobby you haven’t been able to enjoy for a while. People will put a smile on your face, even the grouchy ones who usually make you roll your eyes. You’re seeing the best in everyone, and they are still seeing the best in you!

Singles Lovescope

Now is not the time to stay home, so get out and have fun! This could be the day when you run into your next sweetheart, but that can’t happen if you’re sitting on the couch, unless you decide to hit on the mail carrier.

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You have strong opinions, but when your partner has an opposing view, you listen and take their words to heart. You are flexible enough to adjust your own viewpoint when necessary, or hold your ground when you feel you’re right.


You’re coming up with quite a few good ideas. Unfortunately, the nuggets are hidden by just as many duds. As long as your subconscious is willing to spit them out, you are willing to sift through the glitter.


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