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The time for exploring new places and new ideas has come, so tune in to your wanderlust and get traveling! Plan a trip to a foreign land. Being intrigued by new people and new cultures will energize you to a point that you might finally understand what you really need to be doing with your life. The blinders are coming off. You’re opening your mind to new ways of living, and although not every discovery is a revelation, most are at least interesting.

Singles Lovescope

If you’re experiencing slow (or no) progress, don’t give up on Cupid yet. Keep busy with your own personal business and have fun with friends. The little guy is sure to remember you soon and throw love in your direction.

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Despite the chaos around you, you’re able to stay calm and focused on the present. Spend time relaxing with your partner. The world goes on while you concentrate on what matters most.


The time to be careful is now. Once you’re toe to toe with the deadline, you’ll be out of wiggle room. Pick through all the details as if you were looking through oysters for pearls.


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