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Don’t be too surprised if others in your work or school life start looking to you for answers today. You have a reputation for knowing what you’re doing, and word of your competence is spreading like wildfire. Resist merely giving them the correct answer. You’ll only encourage them to stop thinking for themselves. Instead, try to help these people find their own answers. That way, you’ll help them more than you ever will by just telling them what they want to hear.

Singles Lovescope

You exercise to improve your health, and now that extra effort is starting to get you noticed, and someone you’ve been watching out for is quite impressed! Don’t be too shocked if they ask if you need a workout partner!

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Arguments are normal, but what isn’t normal is to pretend you can apply logic and reason to a relationship. You two are human beings. That’s part of the fun (and the frustration).


Tight times are wearing you out. As strange as it sounds, relaxation is where the money is today. You need some R and R if you want to get back into the ring on Monday.


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